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MP3 Audio Converter is easy to use and fast, and these two constitute its main strong suits. The fact that it offers you the possibility to batch convert should be duly appreciated as well. Moreover, it also comes with an interesting function that could turn out to be really helpful, and that is the VBR feature.

If you need more help you can take advantage of the Help system, a very good one in my opinion. All topics related to this program are covered and I think it's always better to study five minutes and then do something right instead of failing for ten minutes an operation and then reading the manual...



Each time you install or uninstall a program or hardware device, numerous registry entries are created. Such entries can slow down your PC or even make it crash. RegCleaner (free) automatically clears orphaned Registry entries—thankfully making a backup, too. It also lets you look for junk manually and remove unwanted start-up programs.

A very pleasant surprise from Giganology. The ease of use and the Vista looks are amazing. The speed is considerably augmented.