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What's new in this version: Version 3.5 features Multi-user support; Manual activation mode to get IntelliComplete to help you only on-demand; adds support for multiple user library; removes the shell enhancement toolbar and simplified configuration options.

Apart from a rather dull interface, the application lacks some vital functions like editing the shortcuts you create. Another mishap is to have an URL handler that cannot be modified, thus disregarding the user's choice that may be other than Internet Explorer. Also, a help file or some documentation that explains in detail how to properly make use of the software is needed to accommodate those with less experience in computers.



IDrive lets you store all kinds of file types, and, to make sure you understand that point, it establishes sub-folders automatically on installation for Documents, Music, Photos, and Video. An instructional PDF called Getting Started and a few sample files are also included.

NASA World Wind offers an intuitive interface at least that was my case when I've first opened it. You can rotate the Globe by dragging it with your mouse or by simply clicking on a location (and it will automatically move until the clicked point comes to the center). Zooming in is made by double clicking on a location, and zooming out is correspondently made with a double right click.