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What's new in this version: Version 10.9.5 displays the size of the Virtual Encrypted Disk when choosing the Properties command from the taskbar icon right-click menu.

The video preview window in AQ iPod Video Converter is small, but comes with a snapshot button, so you can take screen shots of your videos too (in the original format size). Conversion speed is fine, and in the registered version you can perform batch conversions. The demo only does one, and also sticks a big opaque watermark in the center of the converted video, so it's really only useful as an evaluation of the converter.



Anyone needs a money manager, since it's the only way to increase your income (by reducing unnecessary expenses), other than getting a second (or third) job. Money Manager is good to have and use, especially since it's free (ironic, isn't it?). Go ahead and give it a try.

Par-N-Rar is a graphical utility which accepts a directory as input and will repair/verify any PAR/PAR2/SFV/MD5 files in that directory. Once it verifies a set of files, it will attempt to unRAR them. Once it finishes unRARing a RAR archive, it will (optionally) remove the original PAR/RAR files.