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On the other hand, the longer, advanced installation mode is still available, as an advanced setup.

I was surprised by the fact that the backed up files and folders were nothing but a copy of the original. There is absolutely no difference between the two except for the location and the name of the containing folder. While the original files are contained by one single folder, the backup copy is not included in any directory. I suggest you to be careful with the location. If you decide to protect an entire folder with multiple files and in it, do create a folder in the backup location first.



The list is consistent enough for a beginner. However, a closer look from an advanced computer user will reveal that some of the tasks can be carried with some of the already listed options. An MP3 disc can be created by simply using the Data Disc option, copying a Data CD is carried by Windows Explorer or any other file manager quite successfully. Also, for burning ISO there are freeware applications specially designed to do this.

Webs’s interface is quite clearly organized. It takes you to the meat of site-building from the moment you create an account. You first indicate whether your site will be for personal, business, or group use. Then you get a choice of 63 professional-looking templates or themes to base your site on, some dark, some light, some serious, some fun. You can switch to another later using the Modify Template choice if you change your mind.