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The schedule itself lacks complexity as it does not offer the possibility

You can customize the word count feature so that it displays any combination of line count, word count, character count, and the amount of time you've spent working on a document—or you can hide all these things. Other options let you turn on live spell-checking, grammar-correcting, and autocorrect. An option that's useful if you need to keep track of the time you spent on any writing job is one that keeps a spreadsheet that records the editing time of each writing session.



I did run into quite a few site errors while testing 500px, likely due to the recent updates. At one point I even saw the phantom "Activity" menu option. For one upload attempt, the photo showed up on my Library Organizer page, but not on my photos page. And at some points, the site simply didn't respond. Sometimes I'd click on a photo in my Flow and get a "Sorry, no such page" message.

A very useful option is copying the URL of the uploaded when it is online. Since can be used for sharing data and collaborative tasks, this feature comes in very handy as it allows you to securely send the link to anyone you want.