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With VisualRoute, you can also trace an e-mail address, which can help identify sources of spam and other e-mail abuse. You can enter an e-mail address into VisualRoute, and the utility will return the IP address and FQDN of the relevant e-mail server (or in some cases, multiple servers).

Finally, two rather handy features manage to slow a bit the downwards spiral Music Stop is on, as far as the present review is concerned: the sleeper and the alarm clock. I guess there is no need for me to write any details about what does the ?sleep? function do; well, the alarm thing is a pretty nice thing... telling Music Stop what playlist to run at a certain hour so that you jump from bed in no time seems a really cool thing, at least for me, as I was thinking of playing some very loud metal songs early in the morning :))



However there is one setup caveat; currently, you cannot run the product in both diagnostic and production mode at the same time. This is because while the AP is in diagnostic mode, it is switching from channel to channel measuring RF energy and available throughput. If clients were attached while it was simultaneously being used as an AP, those clients would lose connectivity. Nuts About Nets states that the capability to perform diagnostics without losing client connectivity will be in the next version.

Overall, the illumi Audio Converter is a reliable app, the conversion process really works, and the files have a good output quality. Of course, the demo mode has given us some trouble, but the final result, although chunked, is satisfactory, and no corrupted files have been registered.