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On the producer's site it says that the browser is faster than any other browser. Well, I object: my default web browser and Mozilla Firefox opened the pages quicker and with fewer resources (default browser took 15,5MB of memory, with seven tabs opened versus Free Browser's 44MB of memory).

For a program able to deal with so many video formats, ZC Video Converter is surprisingly easy to use. Its interface is simple, converting videos is self-explanatory and there are very few settings to worry about. You simply upload the videos you want to convert, edit them and adjust the settings - the quality ratio and format of the final product. You can specify these characteristics down to the tiniest detail, or more or less leave everything at the ZC Video Converter's default, one-size-fits-all setting.



Aside from lacking image rotation, RibbonVu is too costly on the system resources. The processor usage ascends especially when the application locates and displays the images. It peaks at about 45% with a RAM consumption of up to 500 MB (tested on Intel Dual CPU T2410 with 2 GB of RAM). Not just any user can afford this kind of resource spending on their computers.

If you want simply to register a domain and wait to see if you're going to build a site,'s fee of $35 for a year is fairly steep. But if you're definitely going to construct a site, you'll like its excellent customer support. For the $35 fee, you get a domain but no e-mail. If you want to build a basic, five-page Web site, you'll pay a very competitive $4.95 a month. Or you can even get a slight discount by paying $49 upfront for the year.