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Improving the behavior at workplace, improving attitude

If you fancy kicking back with your iPad and watching a batch of videos supplied by various online communities, Showyou is a solid alternative to signing into the all the social networking sites individually. There are some minor issues, but it's a very respectable app that collects clips from around your community to your iPad in one unified location.



Voltage Security Network ($65 direct, 3 stars) eases the pain a bit. The company's patented algorithm automatically creates public/private key pairs as needed, based on your email address. However, it can't encrypt mail containing pictures, and you can only exchange mail with other Voltage users.

In truth, we suspect Doodle Hangman Free appeals more to the very casual game session when you're bored, or for the younger crowd looking to improve their vocabulary. As a hangman game (and there's a few of them available in the App Store) Doodle Hangman Free does well enough, although how much use you get from it depends on the types of puzzles and games you like. Doodle Hangman Free is well implemented and stable, but we got bored pretty quickly.