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The software is divided into several areas that start with the ''Typing Lessons,'' a set of 22 courses that takes you through the basics. If you're interested in the history of typewriting or want to know how you should position your fingers on the keys, you can take your time and read the information available here. This is not compulsory, so, if you think it won't help much, you're free to skip the step and get up close and personal with the keyboard.

As far as defragmentation methods go, the app puts at your disposal choices ranging from fast jobs (Consolidate and Fragmented Files Only) to methods that can arrange the files on the disk (Folder/File Name, Recency and Volatility) according to specific criteria: usage frequency, chronological alphabetical order. There is also the possibility to run defrag jobs on individual files.



If the child runs out of time, any attempt to connect with the Internet triggers a warning that points out when Internet access will again be available. The same happens if the child tries to log on during a time the schedule doesn't allow. By default, Qustodio only blocks access to the Internet, but parents can also choose to have it block computer use entirely after the daily maximum has been reached.

You can check out the whole text by passing the mouse over the field that the application has made. This will help insure you that you have selected the text that is needed. To copy an entry you just double-click it and then paste the text.