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The encryption procedure is simple and the three methods used for shredding apply in this case as well. So you can browse for the file or folder, drop them into the window or use the shell context menu for a faster selection. At the bottom of the window you get to decide upon the fate of the original files after encryption is over (Shred, Delete or Leave the files). There is no save path to specify as the application will drop the result in the same location as the original.

There are a lot of encryption algorithms to choose from. There is a large pool of options, all aiming to safekeeping your drives, be they virtual or real encrypted ones.



The service's fast, streamlined interface helps minimize payday panic. A tabbed interface lets you quickly navigate to critical areas like payday and reports pages, each of which is further broken down by individual tasks you can carry out, like approving checks and paying taxes.

The Unlimited plan comes with a wealth of phone-based information services, many of which are exclusive to Vonage. Dial 311, for instance, to obtain government information and reach non-emergency services, 511 for current traffic information, 811 for your state's safe-digging hotline, and so on. You can get weather info from 700-WEATHER and have audio greeting cards delivered via 700-GREETINGS. Most of these services are free, but not all are available in all states.