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While we're still talking about unusual functions for a photo editor, let's not forget that Phantasmagoria also allows you to capture your webcam and adjust the grabbed image. This feature will most likely be grayed out when you install the software for the first time, but you will eventually realize that it's not your camera that it's broken, nor your computer, but that you simply need to install Java Media Framework. After that, everything will run smoothly and you can start twisting and distorting your captured frames.

Overall, ZetaWord works well but doesn't really stand out. This program needs a bit of polishing since it's competing in a very crowded market of word-processing programs where others like Simple Sticky Notes and Notepad++ run circles around it.



The LameXP is nothing but an interface to the console administering the powerful LAME codec; even if the console version is by far the most flexible, due to the big number of people preferring the GUI-ed version, the developers set in motion the "codec with a face."

The editor can be open using the Ctrl+E keyboard shortcut or the item from the menu with the same name, and there's nothing special about it, apart from the fact that I really enjoyed using it, so here's what you can find inside it: resize, rotate and levels adjustment, picture frames, text, some basic image effects and word balloons. Using all these features is as easy as breathing, and I hope I won't offend people with respiratory problems here...