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During our testing, we were unable to restore an image of a drive to a partition as the options of the Output section do not allow the selection of partitions, but of entire drives only. More than this, mounting the resulting IMG file to a virtual drive was unsuccessful with both Virtual CloneDrive and UltraISO on both Vista and XP. The only way to restore the image of a partition is to use exactly the same drive, otherwise the process will result in utter failure.

There seems to be a general trend to develop apps that replace browser access to popular sites. Pin for Pinterest lets you leverage your Pinterest addiction in several new ways. Not only does this app negate the need to surf through a Web browser, but it lets you quickly access Pinterest and provides the ability to move through content easily. While there's a full version available at cost that allows you to upload content for Pinterest, the free app gives you the browsing app needed for casual surfing of Pinterest content.



Great to determine which lens you 'really' need, or which lens did you actually use on the trip to the mountains. With this new filter you can read EXIF info from camera make & model, just add a string to the filter text fields.

My suggestion is to edit the AUTO profile because it lets you choose to boost only the files accessed a user defined time ago (up to 999 days), set the scan period and the boost period (the default 15 minutes is a good boost period because Windows empties the cache beginning with the last used files and if System Booster's boost period is too large, the files may not be in the memory cache any longer).